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About me

Welcome! I'm Eliza Knode (she/her)

   As the daughter of a diplomat, I had quite a unique childhood. My stomping grounds were Malaysia, Japan, Hungary, Long Island, and Brazil. This made the question, “Where are you from?” pretty complicated to answer, but this upbringing allowed me to create wonderful alternate versions of home...

   Wherever I'd go, I'd always join the local drama club/choir because I found it had the best people! It had those like me who were compassionate, driven, and creative. The arts created a magical community and home for me. 


   I became addicted to collaborating and making stories with others. This love led me to earn a BFA in Musical Theatre from the University of Miami. Upon graduating, I have worked at Regional Theaters and am currently employed with Charleston Stage as a resident actor for their 2023-2024 season! 


   When I'm not performing you may find me immersed in a new book, flowing through a yoga routine, or watching queer/feminist shows (the current favs being Fleabag, Heartstopper, and A League of Their Own).

Contact Me

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